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I'm just an italian guy that loves making nice stuff. Always exploring. Sci-fi, fantasy and thriller novelist. Cryptohead.



Novels, copy, articles, you name it. I'm a writing coach and a narratology teacher.



I love developing ideas, and making them happen.



I'm always searching to be part of crazy and futuristic projects, especially web3.

My projects

Here you can find my english and italian stuff.



A timemorphing, dystopian and scattered story-blog. 16S found some shit. Investigated it. Drowned in it.


Italian Novels and Projects

I've many more novels in italian, and also a lot of other things: podcasts, courses, writing guides and so on!

Mordraud Book One

Mordraud, Book One [Fantasy - 2014]

Three siblings who grew up in a troubled family split up hating each other and hunt each other in a war-torn world. "Peculiar protagonists in a winding, worthwhile story." - Kirkus Reviews

Mordraud Book two

Mordraud, Book Two [2015]

War is settled. Chaos ravages a barrenscape of death. The brothers try to rebuild a life away from the battlefields, but the events lead them again to have to confront each other because of a beloved woman.

Tower of Swords

Tower of Swords: a boardgame

When I started to write Mordraud, I created a minigame that represents the most common pastime in my fantasy world. That's a common thing amongst fantasy writer, I know I'm not the first to do so. But at that times, I was sure nobody had yet thought to do a thing so cool. Was young and naive. Well, years later, I decided to create the real game, setting up rules, designing the board and so on. I created my very personal edition of the "Tower of Swords", that's the name of the game. It emulates a battle between two armies, and it has pretty simple and straightforward mechanics, mainly based on counts and some simple math. This is a photo of the one and only prototype in existence, made with leather, and ebony-oak tiles. I love to play it with friends.

Coffee cup

A nice coffee cup

I don't want to leave you with all these dark and gloomy stories, so here you are, a nice coffee cup that I designed many years ago. It's a functional prototype that I use for my daily espresso. Those white indentations are the shape of my fingers, and it's designed to be picked up without any handle: between the external brown layer of porcelain and the internal coffee chamber, there is a gap that keep the surfaces cold. There is also one single indentation in the other side, for my goofy thumb ☺. Super limited edition. I sold some sets to friends, of many different colors: black, pink, green, but the best for me is this brown one. I created the molds and when I need to do a new batch, I use skillfull "Faentini" ceramists, world-acclaimed craftsmen in the arts of clay and pottery.

Mordraud, the Short Movie

Written by Fabio Scalini. Directed by Riccardo Piana. Rampart Production. Filmmaking by 3pix.

Presented at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Part of the soundtrack is mine.

Was super fun to write it, make it and sound it. We reached the final stage of the SDCC Independent film festival 2014. The weapons we used were true, and we filmed in some ancient and very cool italian locations.

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